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The symptom of esophagus cancer

  What are the symptoms of esophageal cancer? Long-term eating of hot food to the esophagus injury is very large, very easy to cause esophageal cancer. Therefore, in the daily diet the temperature should not be too high, the diet habit is very important for esophageal cancer. So what are the symptoms of esophageal cancer?

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  The symptom of esophagus cancer 1, the esophagus has foreign body feeling.

  The patient conscious one because ate coarse food and esophageal scratches, or suspected error has swallowed foreign body and saved within the esophagus, has a similar as rice or vegetables fragments attached to the esophagus, swallowing, namely no pain also has nothing to do with eating, even if you don't swallow, foreign bodies are still exist. The position of the foreign body is consistent with the lesion position of esophagus cancer.

  The symptoms of esophageal cancer are 2, the throat is dry sense and sense of urgency.

  Often feel that the food is not smooth, and there is mild pain, a bit dry, tight feeling. This dry, tight feeling is more pronounced when swallowing dry or coarse food. In addition, the onset of such early symptoms is associated with mood swings.

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  The symptom of esophagus cancer 3, swallowing food has a lump in the throat.

  In the early stages of the disease, the lesions often performance for local small-scale esophageal mucosal hyperemia, swelling, erosion, tables, shallow ulcers and small plaque lesions, when food through, can appear unwell or swallowing swallowing a bad feeling. If the disease progresses further, it will cause choking, mostly because it can be found only when it is swallowed like a pancake, dry mold or other food that is hard to chew thoroughly.

  The symptoms of esophageal cancer are 4, after sternal pain.

  This expression is more common in early esophageal cancer patients. There is a slight pain in the sternum after swallowing and can feel the pain. The nature of pain can be burning pain, needling pain, tension friction.

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  The severity of the pain is related to the nature of the food, and the pain is heavier when swallowing rough, hot or stimulating food. When you swallow a liquid or warm food, the pain is lighter. The pain in the pharynx is reduced or even eliminated after eating. Most of these symptoms can be treated with drugs, which can be relieved temporarily, but relapse after days or months, and relapse occurs for a long time.

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