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  • Purchase a floor cleaning robot ...

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    Hygiene is a major concern for every family that cannot be overlooked. Home hygiene is particularly important from both an handheld vacuum cleaner for home. However, if you are now cleaning or using a broom or dustpan, you are officially OUT. Smart users have long been ready to vacuum cleaners, and with the emergence of sweeping robots in recent years, it appears to have become the user's new favorite, of course, it is because of an additional choice, putting many users in a quandary, vacuum cleaners or sweeping robots in the end, how to choose?

    01 option before examining the two products What are the distinctions?

    Want to know how to choose, the premise is that you must understand how different the two products are?

    The operating principle is distinct.

    Vacuum cleaner: vacuum cleaner is through the motor high-speed rotation, generating airflow will be inhaled garbage, the whole process is "suck". The dust enters the dust container via the brush and the main suction tube, and the dust is centrifuged into the dust container before being discharged from the machine via the filter.

    Sweeping robot cleaning principle is rolling brushes or rubber brushes + vacuum suction port, brush up the garbage with brushes, then vacuum suction port inhalation, the overall process is "sweep" + "suction". "Sweeping" + "sucking" is the overall process. The robot cleaning process uses its own navigation and sensors to complete the work independently, without human intervention.

    Various cleaning zones

    Vacuum cleaner: vacuum cleaners will be equipped with a variety of suction heads, in addition to ground cleaning, replace the different brush head, but also sofa, closet, bed, wall, and other cleaning locations, but also for the home electric dust, using the mite brush head can be sofa, mattress mite cleaning.

    Sweeping robot positioning is home ground cleaning, because cleaning without human intervention, so can only carry out the ground cleaning work.

    Simply put, vacuum cleaners are designed to clean the entire house, whereas sweeping robots are designed to clean the ground.

    Use in various ways

    Vacuum cleaners must be used manually to achieve the goal of cleaning; sweeping robots have an artificial intelligence system and can run independently when turned on.

    02 Please take the right seat if you have a choice.

    Whether it is a sweeping robot or a vacuum cleaner, the root of its use remains the same, which is to perform home cleaning, but each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be chosen based on their own needs.

    What types of people should buy vacuum cleaners?

    A cramped and disorganized living space

    If you live in a small and cluttered space, it is best to purchase a vacuum cleaner rather than a sweeper, because a sweeper is more obstructive and easily trapped in such a space, whereas a vacuum cleaner has a flexible suction head and can be controlled by humans, making cleaning more convenient.

    Pets in the house

    Hair cleaning is always a chore. Aside from the ground, hair-sticky areas include the desktop, sofa, clothing, bed mattress, and so on, so a sweeping robot that can only clean the ground is insufficient, whereas a vacuum cleaner can achieve a whole-house cleaning effect by matching different suction heads.

    Carpet covering a large area

    If you have a large carpeted area in your home, it is best to prioritize the use of vacuum cleaners. This is due to the fact that vacuum cleaners have more suction power and are better suited for deep cleaning.

    What types of people should buy a floor cleaning robot?

    a large living space

    To begin with, a large area cleaning human union is very exhausting, and sweeping robots can clean independently, which is very convenient; think of it as a vacuum cleaner that can move and work independently. The sweeping robot is especially suitable for families with large and well-placed items at home, as the fewer obstacles there are, the more efficient it is to clean, and it also has the function of automatic recharging and intermittent renewal, which is ideal for users in large areas.

    Working hours are extremely demanding.

    For busy office workers who are anxious at work every day, come home and really do not want to move, every day is very busy, very tired, and want to spend their leisure time doing something they enjoy rather than being tied down by housework, the sweeping robot is your savior. You leave for work and use your phone to remotely control the sweeping robot, and when you return home, the house is clean.