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  • How to get a yoga instructor cer...

    In recent years yoga and fitness has long become a promising industry, more and more people gradually want to change their career to the field of yoga and fitness, but the field of yoga and fitness is not so very easy to enter, at least must yoga and fitness qualifications to do, then how to take yoga instructor certificate, the following and Maya yoga instructor yoga teacher training school teachers to take a look together.

    The first thing you need to do is to go to a special yoga training school to learn the training, and then take the qualification certificate. As being a novice is not the slightest yoga fitness professional skills, first go to a professional yoga training school to participate in yoga instructor training, after learning training is complete, you can campus inside to apply for a yoga fitness qualification certificate, about three months of time.

    The next best thing is to go to a professional yoga fitness qualification organization to apply for the exam. If you know a lot about yoga and fitness and can take the exam immediately, you can go to a professional qualification organisation and apply for the exam, which takes about half a month from the completion of the training to the test. Yoga teaching is available at the college, and you will receive a yoga and fitness qualification upon graduation. There are now a number of universities in China that have a yoga and fitness technology course, which is classified as a technical course in sports, so you can enrol in one of these universities and receive a certificate after graduation.

    The qualification is divided into primary (junior level) and advanced yoga fitness qualification, primary is relatively common, senior must first obtain the junior level qualification, also has to be three years of teaching work experience, the examination test is written questions and recruitment interview, general training fees in 5000 to 10000 up and down, as long as is serious study training, examination qualification is no problem. The cost of each region is different, the above training fee is only the market price, the actual need for how much money must be their own yoga instructor training colleges after a visit to guess to understand. I hope that after the above introduction can help to the big guys