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  • Students and students: the new President is willing to listen

    Students and students: the new President is willing to listen.

    Mr. Li, an alumnus. Hong Kong culture reporter tang jiayao.

    The chief vice President of science and technology, shi wei, will be promoted to the post of principal. Two briefing sessions were held yesterday. The first briefing will be for alumni, students and staff

    representatives. The second briefing will be attended by nearly 300 faculty, staff and alumni.The new polyu e admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.

    Ms liao, who works at the university of science and technology, attended the briefing yesterday, referring to the question that Mr Shi responded to at the meeting about the innovation and entrepreneurship

    development of hkust.

    She said that she was open to the question, and was willing to listen to the comments. She also quoted him as saying that he hoped that in the new position, he could make the hkust make progress in all


    Ms. Liao described Mr. Shi as a conscientious and willing manager who expected him to pay attention to and improve employee benefits when he took office, thereby enhancing employee morale.

    Mr. Li, an alumnus of the university, said that the focus of the participants' questions was to focus on how Mr. Shi was leading the innovation and entrepreneurship development. He thinks Shi Wei past will

    communicate with students in different activities, "is a kind and passionate about teaching professor", in addition to hands-on participation in student activities, will invite other professors Shared

    activities, believe Shi Wei qualifies as the principal, expected to under his leading, hkust can not only in terms of scientific research, there is progress in art.Shenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading Oil Vaping Pen and vaporizer (A3 Vape Cartridge etc) manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been serving many customers from USA, ...

    Department of mechanical engineering, studying four grade Wilson's failure to take time to attend the briefing session, he said, referring to professor Shi Wei's class, the impression is not deep, but

    expect after he became President, can increase in the department of resources, in particular? Measures related to the employment of students. Hong Kong reporter tang jiayao.

    The original address: http://paper.wenweipo.com/2018/01/19/ED1801190003.htm



  • These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes

    One. Dark green and orange vegetables for vitamin A

    , experts say, orange vegetables are rich in carotenoids, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, vitamin A can improve function of epithelial cells of the body, produce resistance to the cold virus, it can enhance the throat and lungs of mucous membrane, maintain their normal metabolism.A glass disposable vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes.

    The rich folate of green vegetables is the factor required for the synthesis of immune substances, and a large number of flavonoids can work together with vitamin C, which is helpful for the maintenance of resistance. Can promote the synthesis of antiviral substances such as interferon, and high specific immunological indicators.

    Tip: broccoli, spinach, mustard blue, asparagus, etc. White radish, onion and ginger garlic are not green leafy vegetables, but also can improve the resistance. It is hard to eat at least one kilo of food every day. Remember that light vegetables eat the best results, not too long, not to fry. In addition, carrots and stir-fried foods can give full play to their nutritional value. The pumpkin can be steamed, boiled, washed and sliced, salted for a few hours, and used in vinegar, simple cooking can become a nutritious and delicious dish. In addition, pig liver, chicken liver also contain more vitamin A, also can eat appropriately.

    Two. Dark fruit makes up multivitamins

    Fruit is a good alternative to multivitamins, and each fruit has its irreplaceable nutritional value. Anthocyanins are effective in stimulating the immune system. Choose fruits that are rich in vitamin C and anthocyanin. Such as banana, orange, kiwi, strawberry, red date, etc.

    Tip: rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins fruit, such as bananas, oranges, kiwi fruit, blackberry, mulberry, strawberry, blueberry recommended by the American people although good, but its domestic production is limited, can choose blueberry dry. The fruit can eat half a catty to one jin each day, choose seasonal variety to be better.

    Three. Eggs and beans complement the high quality protein

    Protein is the key substance of the body's immune system, and the nature of antibodies is the protein of special function. Therefore, we must ensure that a certain amount of high-quality protein is regularly consumed from food. High quality protein mainly comes from milk, egg, fish and shrimp, lean meat and soy and products.When you make your book hong kong hotel , Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong offers comprehensive professional service to you including high-speed FREE wifi. We encourage people contact their families and friends via social media when they are outside home.

    In plant protein, soy protein has the advantage of the earth the person all know, there are many but soy can improve immunity of material, such as the antiviral effect of saponins, lectins and activate the immune system. On weekdays, if there are conditions, you can make your own soy milk at home to drink, both environmentally friendly and healthy. Try not to choose Fried bean products such as Fried tofu, tofu, tofu, bean curd, dried bean curd, and soybean milk.

    In animal protein, protein in milk and eggs is the best, so make it a habit to stick to drinking milk and eating eggs every day.

    Tip: experts remind that it is equally important to replenish the "right amount" of protein, which can also impair the body's immunity. Because excessive consumption of large fish meat, it increases gastrointestinal burden, affects protein absorption and utilization, and also affects the absorption and utilization of other nutrients. All kinds of nutrients need to cooperate with each other, restrict each other, protect and enhance the immunity of the body.

    Fourth, promote the potato food to do the staple food

    Replace white rice flour with potato food staple food, can be in full at the same time provide a large number of vitamin C, vitamin B1, such as potassium, dietary fiber, yams, taro and sweet potato also contain among them immune to promote active mucins, is very helpful for the improvement of resistance. In addition to the potato, eating a large amount of dark red or black coarse grain, beans is also helpful to improve immunity.

    Tip: be sure to replace staple food with potato, not a large bowl of sweet potatoes after a large bowl of rice. Remember not to eat Fried potatoes, which can be cooked in a steaming stew.

    5. Replenished zinc can choose cereal grain seafood

    In trace elements, zinc and immune function are closely related. Zinc enhances the phagocytosis of cells and thus plays a bactericidal action. Adult zinc can improve immunity, regulate endocrine.

    Tip: experts say, grains are rich in zinc is very important to the immune system, the staple food at ordinary times can choose whole grain buckwheat noodles, or try to use all kinds of grains to make nutrition rice, the staple food can not only fill the stomach, it is simple and good nutrition. Other foods containing zinc include oysters, pork liver, chicken liver, peanuts, fish, eggs, beef, black sesame and so on.香港之最

    6. Yogurt with high quality live bacteria

    It has been recognized by the medical community and the nutrition world that high quality live fungus yogurt can help the immune system work properly.

    Tip: as a hydration drink, green tea, scented tea and chrysanthemum tea are all good choices. Drink 2 to 3 cups of yogurt every day, preferably fresh, fresh yogurt.