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  • Spring is warm but not hot

    Bubble bath, mu quan is the traditional way of health maintenance in our country. The physiological state and physical characteristics of the body also correspondingly change, and the health benefits received by the bath should be weighted accordingly. In this issue, the life times invited Chinese medical experts to interpret the effects of different seasons in the spring, summer, autumn and winter.So, it's always better to buy an oil vape battery from reputed online sites! An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn't that irritating?

    In the early spring, when the weather is warm and warm, the body is still in the state of obturator, and the "cold is warm, no skin". In other words, be sure to stay warm and keep your body temperature in order to avoid premature ejaculation. Once the human body communicates with the outside world, if the process is "cold", it is easy for the cold to penetrate into the body through open skin.

    As the temperature rises, all things are thriving. The human body's Yang qi rises, the skin further opens, our liver is also more active. "The yellow tingjing" considers "the liver is qi tone and long", which means that the liver is more expensive than the smooth. The bath itself can allow the body to be in a gentle environment, allowing the qi and blood to run faster, to help the liver and air dredge and bar. Spring bath, can add some medicine that can help liver, such as chai hu, mint, turmeric, Chen skin, rose, each take 20 ~ 30 grams, cook and pour into the bath.

    Note that the sun be the spirit fu is a process of gradually strengthen, so the bath water temperature to warm but not hot, can have the effect of feed liver Yang, and can avoid premature artificially, excessive discharge. Bring about

    Summer moderately sweating and dehumidifying

    In the theory of TCM, summer includes summer and summer, and summer is what we often call the summer season. Summer corresponds to the human heart, long summer corresponding spleen.

    Heart belongs to the fire in the five elements, is one of the most vigorous energy viscera, so the body adjustment is bad when a heart on inflammatory diseases, such as excessive breath of sores, brown urine and other heart performance. Although there is heat in the body, but also can not always seek cool in the bath. The water temperature is too low to remove the heat. Instead, it is possible that the heat in the body will not be able to spread out effectively, and the condition of "cold pack fire" will occur.

    After entering long summer, the weather is hot and wet, more is the main feature of this stage the most prone to the condition of the body is the origin, material origin is easy to infringe upon the body of the spleen and stomach, a full rou GUI frowsty, loss of appetite, diarrhea and other symptoms. In this case, you should pay more attention to the water temperature, and the cold will cause the cold to invade the spleen and stomach and aggravate the original symptoms. Overheating causes a lot of sweating, but it doesn't take away the moisture from the body.

    There are two ways to remove dampness, one is to use the aromatic medicine, one is the medicine with the water seepage. Aromatherapy can invigorate qi and blood and promote the movement of spleen and stomach. The medicine that can choose is to have the medicine that has to be wrinkled, perrin, mugwort, hopu, take fresh product or dry goods, after a bit of cooking, add to bubble bath water can. The medicine with water seepage is the characteristic that has descending, can make wet evil through urinal discharge, commonly used drug has the ze diarrhoea, talc, poria, had better use under the guidance of the doctor. Bring about

    Autumn raises lung to prevent cold, unweariness

    As the saying goes, "a summer is not sick", many people tend to be tired and weak in autumn. For this non-disease-free discomfort, autumn springs will benefit you a lot.

    Ease of autumn. Enter the autumn, the body also began to enter a recuperation period, the burden of cardiovascular system, digestive system function is increasing, the spa or at home a bath once a week, promote metabolism, increase the intestinal peristalsis, alleviate the autumn spent and fatigue.

    Prevent autumn dryness, protect skin. Autumn weather is dry, the skin is easy dry and dry SAO itchy, use the hot bubble bath that slightly prep above body temperature, can make skin surface corneous layer softens, fall off. If it is in the hot spring bath, open pore can also absorb the mineral element in hot spring, more beneficial to skin healthy nutrition.

    Prevent the autumn, raise the lungs and prevent the cold. Bath water temperature about 40 ℃, has certain calming effect to human body, so for neurasthenia, insomnia, such as population, bath is a good adjuvant therapy. Moreover, according to the theory of health maintenance of TCM, autumn air enters the lungs, which is suitable for curing lungs. In autumn cool season, the airway and lungs are most easily to be cold, the warm water bubble bath is beneficial to the warm lung, to the effect of driving the cold to raise the lungs.

    It should be noted that after the fall, the cold food and melon and fruit should be avoided as far as possible, especially those with the deficiency of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, it is not necessary to eat all kinds of fruits provided in hot spring. Bring about

    Winterwined kidney replenishing Yang detoxification blood

    Winter is the hottest season in many hot springs. Winter bubble bath basically has two main health effect.

    Warm and invigoratesyang. Winter climate is cold, people's activity volume is decreased, easy to appear the phenomenon of unsmooth. The temperature and heat of the spring water can strengthen blood circulation, drain the meridians, and serve the effect of warm kidney.

    Detoxifying and beautifying beauty. In the process of soaking hot springs, some metabolic wastes are also discharged at the same time. Slightly hot water will help to help burn fat, promote the normal operation of the digestive system, so it can help prevent the accumulation of fat and achieve a certain weight loss effect.

    In winter, the hot spring should start from the water with a mild water temperature, and soak in the water of high temperature for less than 10 minutes. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the sweat fluid for the heart, can normal sweat cooling functions, sweating too much will be wounded qi Yin, many do not pay attention to replenish water, combined with the winter time there will be a Yin deficiency symptoms of the fire. It is easy to lose a lot of water in the hot spring sweat, so you should drink more warm water to prevent the water from damaging the Yin.